Undergraduate & Adult Instruction

The transition from high school to college can be a challenging one.  Adults who return to school after a period of years may face even greater challenges.

Mathematics Tutoring by Peter Barbella can support your aspirations by providing you, the adult learner, with the services of a licensed, degreed mathematics instructor fully focused on meeting your individual academic needs in mathematics.  Working with materials from your current coursework, you will receive individual instruction, practice time, and the opportunity to ask as many reiterative or clarifying questions as desired until a satisfactory command of the material is achieved.  This all takes place in a professionally private setting to promote student confidence.  

Curricular services include Business Mathematics, Calculus and Differential Equations, Statistics, Combinatorics and Probability, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics as well as topics first encountered in high school mathematics.

Clients may schedule as many or as few sessions as necessary to meet objectives.

Out-of-area students are served by telephone conferencing and electronic transmission of coursework, instructional materials, and other documents.

Mathematics Tutoring by Peter Barbella provides professional caliber individual instruction at very affordable rates.  Your satisfaction with the service is guaranteed or the session fee is fully refunded.